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Code of Conduct

Below, you’ll find the Code of Conduct for Dev209 at MJC – If you are a student of Modesto Junior College, note that you are bound by all enforcement of the Institutions rules of conduct outlined here. Your participation in the Dev209 community will be an explicit choice, and so this code intends to be explicit on behavior this community can not tolerate.


Harassment includes:


This code covers members activity starting on the agreement, and participation in community, and ends when member ends association and participation in the Community.

This is meant to only effect community participation when violation is between two or more members, barring special circumstances that can only be addressed as they come up.

Notice this Scope covers a Time Domain, and not the Location or Medium where a violation occurs


If a violation of this code is made apparent to you or a direct dispute occurs between yourself and another member you have a few options in resolving the matter.

  1. Report the infraction to a trusted member of the Community who can help moderate the situation.

  2. If you feel the severity of the situation causes you to fear for your safety stop immediately and consider contacting Campus Safety, as such a violation likely violates their policies. Contact information located here

Modesto Junior College, and the Yosemite Community College District, should not be viewed as having endorsed this document.


Violation of most of these guidelines, alone constitute a report directly to campus or local authorities. On such report, member suspected of being in violation may be excluded from community participation for their and the victim’s safety until the matter has been resolved. Abuse of this provision, or attempt to circumvent exclusion is grounds for permanent exclusion from community activities.

Third party dispute resolution, and recognition of community member feelings are not a punishment, and should be viewed as empathy building opportunities.

Author Contact

To contact the author of this Code of Conduct please see attached Author

This CoC was based on the LGBTQ in Tech Code of Conduct which is under a CC0